ii. your name (baekyeol)

chanyeol frowns as he stares up the sky, brows meeting at the center. baekhyun nudges his side and places his head on the taller boy’s shoulder. they were sitting on their rooftop, knees drawn and stargazing as usual.
“why so grumpy?” he asks.
“because my head hurts,” chanyeol replies.
baekhyun looks at him and gives him a worried look.
“it’s nothing. it’s just i try and try to remember but i can’t.” chanyeol pulls baekhyun’s head back on his shoulder.
“remember what?”
“the first time i heard your name. how can i forget?” chanyeol asks with a disappointed sigh.
baekhyun lets out a laugh. “it’s ok to forget. that’s so long ago. that’s even before we could walk.”
chanyeol kisses the shorter boy’s temple. “but baek, how can i not remember something that made such a difference to my life?”
baekhyun hooks his arms around chanyeol’s waist and snuggles closer. “it’s a good kind of difference, i hope.”
“nope,” chanyeol answers and he receives another elbow to his side. he pulls baekhyun to his lap and places a kiss on his lips. “it’s the most amazing kind.”